Haunted Dolls From Doll Island For Sale?

50s Vintage Baby Doll Kathy and Clothes - 34.99 Bids Begin

Doll Glorya $35.00 Bids Begin

Reborn Vampire Baby $45 Bids Begin

So, these dolls are on ebay and the question is -- how did they get permission to take dolls from the island and sell them???

Well if you're feeling like a haunted doll that has a story to tell is just what you need in your home - go for it! Admittedly, if they were the real thing, I'd totally want one, but there's really no way to verify it.


  1. Doll Island was one of the creepiest places DT went. I hope they return. Is there a certificate of authenticity that comes with them? If they are the real deal, I also wonder how they got permission (or not) to take them off the island. Perhaps the other dolls voted them off (just guessing).

  2. You must be one sexy doll to get haunted for ghosts.

  3. adsile would ya realy take one off island ?? what would you think would happen


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