Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good Cheap Printing: Awful Service!

I was dumb enough to use Good Cheap Printing to have a book cover easel made. It was a nightmare from the beginning. No one responded, so I had to prod them. Then, a service person, Lisa, told me my image was wrong size, so I changed it. She never replied. I finally prodded again and she said she didn't get the image. Then, no reply after sending it again. I prodded yet again and no she said it was still wrong image size. I tried it all over again and no response. I prodded her again and, as weeks had now gone by and I told her this was a time issue and I might need to cancel the order, she said they could finally print it. Now, weeks later, still no response from this incompetent worker. I have no idea if the item has been mailed and of course the long distance number only takes messages. DO NOT USE THIS GOOD CHEAP PRINTING.


  1. Good advice! I would use some place local. They might be quicker.

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  3. You really have to check if they offer good services when you go to new places for printing. It's difficult to waste money and time for such unpleasing services. green printing