Ghost Adventures Drinking Game

"Smokin' in the Boys Room" by Motley Crue

Vince Neil from Motley Crue and pro poker player Jamie Gold join Zak and the boyz in the penthouse suite at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, in search of Frank Sinatra's spirit.

Frank Sinatra "For Once in My Life"

So, not sure just what they are about on this episode, but it looks pretty desperate, bringing in a rock star to help them in Vegas to contact one of the Rat Pack. Please, don't let it be that GA is jumping the shark already.

Tonight's drinking game:
1. Stay home.
2. Have a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he's been touched by a ghost, and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in surprise.

The drink? Well, in honor of Frank, I'd say a martini!


  1. Kennedy has gone home, the show is just starting and it is time to get a drink.


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