Get rid of Ask.Com and Blekko

Jeez, I don't know about you, but I have had a time going online looking for how to rid yourself of creepy and blekko search bars that show up. I have Firefox and google home page. To the right of the address bar either or blekko would appear at the little search bar. Just to the left of where it says "Blekko" or "" there is a drop down arrow. Click on it and remove them from there with the delete option. It's like picking off ticks after a walk in the woods--those crappy little add-ons!


  1. i use chrome and if i search it turns 2 blekko

  2. We must stop BLEKKO.I think I beat the creepy bugs.Not sure how long it will last.They are very quick at adapting their mistakes.But think I have them beat on the page.They are close to,if not illegal.I think that the only way to beat their ass will be in court of law.
    Running outta Tyme ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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