Fact or Faked New Season

Tonight's season opener involves an ice man and a woman levitating. Sounds like a good start to a new season.

In a phone interview, Ben admitted that they did update the set a bit including a large touch screen TV that allows them to be able to hone in on phenomena they're discussing with the team.

I'm skeptical about the show. As always, I loved the concept, disliked the execution and especially the cast. I'd like to see some more seasoned highly intelligent people who have been in the fields a long time, rough around the edges, passionate, sassy, confrontational at times.

Oh well, there's nothing else going on tonight, so I'll be watching it. Sort of like that date you take because you just don't feel like being alone on a Saturday night. Here's hoping it goes well. The infamous tank top shots might be the most exciting part of this Tuesday announcement.


  1. The big screen is just another prop. It has nothing to do with the discussion of picking out cases. The decision as to what cases they will do was made long before the highly staged meeting. I've pointed out where these people have used the same house as a set for "witnesses". They wasted our time on swings blowing in the wind.

  2. Yeah... I don't care for the cast at all...

    The idea is ok, I suppose...


  3. I may watch it tonight because I'm curious about the levitating woman. As I've said before, I have really tried to like this show, but I can't stand the cast and their overly dramatic and seemingly scripted conversations. Blah.

    Tara (Bandhura)

  4. Yeah, you guys are definitely right, Fact or Faked is seriously scripted. It would help if the producers/director or whoever, just let the cast have some slack in their leash, but I still find the show to have a campy charm. It’s not anything that I put a lot of effort into seeing, just one of those shows I sit down for, now and then and stream from my employer’s, DISH’s free streaming site, dishonline(dot)com. Sometimes I make it through the whole episode, other times I end up turning it off and browsing a fraction of the massive number of other shows and movies until I find something I like. If you go into it with the right attitude you’re never disappointed and sometimes pleasantly surprised. Maybe you guys should try it too, you don’t even need to be a customer or have an account to check out a good deal of dishonline’s content.


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