Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Summer Movies

Summer memories!

We have spring fever, but it's only inches away from becoming dreams of beaches, saltwater taffy, afternoon showers, hot dogs on the grill, riding with the car windows open, drinking cocktails at an outdoor cafe, and lounging around.

I get in this mood every March/April. I will give you my summer-inspired movie list. If these don't work, you don't appreciate the finer things of summertime.

I put * next to ones I usually watch to get into the mood and what I like about them -

Nostalgic Childhood/Adolescent/Teen Summer
Stand By Me
My Girl
*Now and Then (1970s childhood gal pals)
American Graffiti
American Pie
Wet Hot American Summer
Say Anything
The Karate Kid
Dirty Dancing
*Summer School (summery, easygoing, fun)
Bikini Summer
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
*Blue Crush (surfer girls)
One Crazy Summer

Adult Summer
*Captain Ron (dream of going around on a sailboat w/ Kurt Russell)
*Jaws (summer vacation)
Against All Odds
Weekend at Bernie's
*Fool's Gold (bikini's, beaches, boats)
*Couples Retreat (gorgeous setting, beautiful bodies)
Into the Blue
*Romancing the Stone (romantic, steamy)
*Stealing Beauty (my dream existence in an artist's colony in Italy)
There's Something About Mary

Sexy Summer
*Summer Lovers (Greece, very sexy, beautiful setting)
*Private Lessons: Another Story (super soundtrack, Miami, VERY sexy)
Blame It On Rio
How Stella Got her Groove Back
Flirting With Forty


  1. Isn't it summer all year long in Arizona? :P

  2. Hey Sis! I just LOVE the photos of you! So cute and so pretty!

    Tara (Bandhura)

    Yes, I am at work goofing off!

  3. Doc--yeah, but there ain't no beach. Gotta wait until the beaches are warm to travel to.

  4. Summer Lovers ?
    Oh god how I hated that movie.

  5. I readily admit, Summer Lovers had no plot, but damn--what a location! I see it just for Greece.