Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Is the Wacky Redhead Up To Now?

Yeah, it's that time again to discuss some crazy activities. I will be sharing a great deal about Julie and I's latest trek in search of F'ing Bigfoot, haunted locations and abandoned buildings in the woods.

I am filming next week the book trailer for our "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" book and the concept is over the top awesome. I hope to share the video with you when it's edited.

Julie and I are planning a media blitz for the publicity of the book being released on April Ghoul's Day. We are also starting to write and film the next zombie book in the series with an over the top, most awesome premise that will curl your toes.

We are extending the Zombie Housewives Cafepress Shop to include zombie husbands, zombie kids, and zombie babies! And, of course, mother's day and father's day cards.

I am finishing the edit of "Growing Up With Ghosts" and would still love volunteers for "Paranormal Geeks."

I will be working a Scifi/Fantasy convention in April. Loads of fun.

I will be sharing lots of pics and videos coming up. Y'all have truly encouraged me to go for it and just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. I would never have the courage to do such insanely ridiculous things if y'all didn't support my craziness.

I suspect there will be lots of surprises you don't see coming, more F'ing Bigfoot fun, upcoming Destination Truth season, Ghost Adventures drinking games, Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter, and loads of interviews and news in the paranormal world.

Hang on--I'm going to take you to weird places!

**Tomorrow, I am posting the most important post I have ever written**

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