Sunday, March 4, 2012

UFO Hunt Results

What did I learn on the UFO hunt last night?

That phones have cool sky apps that make it possible to hold it up to the sky and see constellations--wicked awesome! (Google Sky Map for Android).

I learned that nightvision is very cool to see the sky and the mountains around us in a creepy green light.

I also learned that a woman's talent for being able to fish around in her purse in the dark and feel the shape of items to pull out the preferred object should be termed "Sack Stroking."


Okay, it's not normal to sky hunt with me. We get a bit sidetracked with some insane conversations, huddled in blankets and sling-back chairs, studying the velvet sky and listening to a hoot owl in the desert.

I did try to get some shots of Julie and I and our adopted "kid brother" from our POE team. I also learned something else last night--that taking nightvision shots at night is stabbing in the dark. Three tries-- (I swear, we all have whole faces)


  1. I almost expected you to have brought an ET home with you. Did you try any Reese's Pieces??? I understand they work for ETs.

  2. Julie brought them with us, but they would not take them or even the oatmeal cookies I put out. Contrary little critters.

  3. I have on of those mid-sized wind-up flashlights. I keep it in the pocket of my jacket. It doesn't take batteries so it's handy.

    Thanks for reporting the results. I thought you might see a meteor or something.

  4. I love the hand cam pictures!
    I have to take 100's of retakes before I can get all of us in a picture.