Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taking Paranormal From Believing To Knowing

The way we explain the world is based upon two things; knowledge and belief.

In the world of knowledge, we know through scientific investigation that clouds carry moisture and when loaded up enough, begin to drop it in the form of a downpour. When we are outside and water hits our bodies from above, we explain it to ourselves as rain. This is not believe, it is knowledge.

In the world of belief, an individual can believe in the existence of an afterlife. When he encounters what sounds like a disembodied voice, he explains it to himself as a ghost. If he only believes in what is already common knowledge in the scientific world, that disembodied voice sound was something in the environment, such as a door squeaking or the plumbing settling. Paranormal belief is interpretation of stimuli as coming from an, as of yet, not scientifically proven source.

Our dilemma now becomes how to take paranormal investigation into the realm of science so it can become knowledge and no longer belief.

There are many universities and research groups working to try and prove the paranormal and make it into the realm of knowledge. So far, the most likely arena is the study of psychic abilities. We can actually practice PSI skills at will and then use odds to figure out the likelihood of randomly coming up with the information. Leaders in the field of PSI research, such as Dean Radin, are working vigorously for us to go from belief of PSI skills to knowledge.

If you ever wonder what keeps me pumping away at theories and investigations--it is this; the process of from belief to knowledge.

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