Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take An Exploration Adventure!

Want to search for Atlantis???
I have a buddy doing this trip (below) and I will interview him when he gets back...

Be part of a once in a lifetime adventure as we journey in search of the lost city of Atlantis! We will follow the trail of The Edgar Cayce Foundation, The Doc. Brown Expedition and National Geographic as we visit and explore underwater ruins, that may be the remnants of a sunken lost city, including the Bimini Road, The Fallen Megaliths, The Labyrinth, and the Great Temple Pyramid.

You will be traveling on the private luxury sailing yacht, Sail-La-Vie. Unlike many other trips where you are only granted a few hours out on the water, here we will fully immerse you in a truly aquatic adventure. You will live eat and sleep on board. 
We will supplement this great quest for the secrets of Atlantis with daily meditative exercises using the powerful Hemi-Sync® technology, that will help you to reach deep, altered states of consciousness, that will make you aware of many new and unknown abilities. You will be guided through these progressively deeper states of consciousness and shown how to contact guides and spiritual entities, travel back and forth through time and awaken your psychic intuitive skills. Your facilitator for this program will be Temple Mounds program director, Steve DerDerian.

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  1. Sounds like a cool trip! Looking forward to reading that interview!