Monday, March 12, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Sense of Humor

It's no secret that my sense of humor is extremely active. I am known to laugh hysterically while realizing the ridiculousness of things in the news. One friend proceeded to show me his phone and that he had an intercom capability where he could look at the screen, see who was on and speak to them like you message on FB. I waited for him to finish explaining it and kind of had to say the obvious, "wouldn't that be called a phone call?" Sometimes technology reaches a point of ridiculousness.

So, a man with a sense of humor is crucial. I don't need a stand-up comedian, but someone who can laugh easily, realizes irony, and can even laugh at himself is absolutely necessary. I spent decades with a man who never ever smiled or laughed and certainly never could be playful for laugh at his own shortcomings.

Basically, a man would have to put up with blog antics like this -

And be able to put up with some antics on road trips like this -

If that doesn't scare him off, then perhaps this would (done on a dare)-


  1. Ha! How's Dale digging the pink stitches? Haha.

  2. rofl.

    You and I are kindred spirits missy!!!!

    Can't wait for you to find that amazing guy that you are certainly destined to meet!!!

  3. Y'all are so cute! I love my blogging buddies! You "get" me!

  4. How do you possibly get that so entangled in your hair? Apparently, your hair has mystical properties capable of remarkable feats of strength!

  5. I can't imagine you being with any man who can't throw himself into a carefree moment of silliness.