Thursday, March 1, 2012

Roadside Adventures!

It's getting to be early spring fever for many of us. Thoughts of hitting the road and getting far from the nest to see new things is making us all chomp at the bit. So, why not consider going to some of the more odd and unique spots in your state?

Roadside America is the site you'll want to check out. You can look up types of events or just look up your state's crazy stuff. Here's just some state's listings:  

Tucson's Titan Missile Site Tour
The London Bridge
The Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon (above)
A mine tour A ghost town attraction
The Thing? (infamous curiosity in a gift shop)
The Hi Jolly Monument to commemorate the camels once used in the desert southwest
Tombstone western historic town

New York:
House of Frankenstein Wax Museum
World's Smallest Church
Secret Caverns
Cardiff Giant
Sing Song Museum

You want to know all the totally creepy, scary, off-beat, quirky and insane things about your state? Weird USA series has each state in books or you can get the whole Weird USA book.


  1. that little ledge over the grand canyon would freak me out! lol.

  2. I have to admit, that sky walkway makes my hands sweat just to look at it. I'm not good at the Canyon. I stand about 20 feet away. haha

  3. I still want to check out the sky walkway at the Grand Canyon. It would be an awesome view and scary too.