The Road Trip Trinity

Julie and I for some reason on our road trip treks around Arizona, always manage to run into 3 things in the middle of nowhere; bathtubs, boats, and giant chickens. Here's the proof:


  1. Giant Chickens

    This seems like a conspiracy to me.
    And very dangerous, you never know when these giant chickens may animate and attack.

    Time to come up to NY... we do not have ANY of those things just LYING around.

    I love the bathtub shot of you and julie!
    You should have tried to climb in one together, and had a loofa or something... OOOH better yet, some type of tumbleweed!!!!!

    1. I would sooooo love to go to NY and probably will. I would nix the tumbleweed in the tub though-those things are thorny and painful. hee hee

  2. Arizona doesn't seem to have a shortage of all three.


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