Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quiz: Scary Place You Want To Make Love At

It's quiz time again, my darlings. Count your a's, b's, c's and d's and see which one you have the most of, scroll down and see what creepy place you might want to make love at.

1. I find it romantic in ...
a. Winter.
b. Fall.
c. Summer.
d. Spring.

2. I like historic places that are...
a. Military and forbidden.
b. Ancient and spiritual.
c. Colorful and sordid.
d. Natural and outdoorsy.

3. I like these type of horror movies best....
a. Night of the Living Dead, War of the Worlds
b. Wicker Man, The Haunting
c. Descent, Aliens & Cowboys
d. Cabin Fever, Wrong Turn

4. I'm fascinated with places that....
a.  Once held an warring angry history.
b.  Once held a spiritual history.
c.  Once held a tragic deadly history.
d.  Once held a suicidal desperate history.

5.  Sexiest locale for romance....
a.  Indoors.
b.  Outdoors in the open.
c.  In a dark room.
d.  In the forest.

a. Abandoned missile silo in Moscow
b. Ancient Standing Stones Circle in the UK
c. Abandoned mine in Arizona
d. Suicide Forest in Japan


  1. Hey Gary,how would you like to come with me to an abandoned mine? We don't have to go very far, tee hee. Of course it has to be in the winter. I wouldn't want to get my ass stung by a snake or scorpion.

  2. I guess I can be found in a circle of stones with my pants down.