Friday, March 23, 2012

Quiz: Horror Movie You Want

It's that time again, my dearies - quiz time! Count your a's, b's, c's and d's and see what horror movie you would love to see.

1.  I like to read -
a.  Stories about nature/outdoors/survival.
b.  Stories about real life/school/work.
c.  Fantasy/Scifi/space
d.  Romance/atmospheric/gothic.

2.  I like this movie best ...
a.  Wizard of Oz
b.  I Know What You Did Last Summer
c.  Pitch Black
d.  Reign of Fire

3.  My favorite part of grade school....
a.  Recess/PE
b.  Classroom and class friends
c.  Science
d.  Reading

4.  In horror, I like bad things that....
a.  Are novel monsters I haven't seen before.
b.  Are people capable of evil.
c.  Are from other planets.
d.  Are folklore creatures

5. I tend to like movies filmed in...
a.  Outdoors.
b.  In buildings.
c.  In space.
d.  In castles.

Okay, see what you have the most of, a's, b's, c's or d's and scroll down to find out what custom horror movie would be made for you.

a.  A sentient forest attacks those who enters.
b.  A high school principal kills troublemaker students.
c.  A youth stows away on a spaceship to Mars.
d.  An ancient monster is released from a castle dungeon.


  1. Turns out I was a ancient monster released from a castle dungeon. Cool!

  2. I was a Ancient Monster released from a castle dungeon TOO!

    Great minds and all that.

  3. I am going to Mars... baby.
    I am the outcast.

  4. Mine is, appropriately enough, d. An ancient monster is released from a castle dungeon. How'd you gno, Sharon? … lolz