Monday, March 12, 2012

Oxbow Inn, Payson Arizona

All I can say is, if you haven't been to the Oxbow Inn in Payson, Az, you've missed a taste of hospitality and western historic flavor that is precious and rare.

The Oxbow Inn has AWESOME bands that play every weekend. They are so friendly and so warm that you want to plant your butt and never leave.

They hosted the town hall meeting for Finding Bigfoot show with much finesse. They had no idea so many hundreds would show up to be in the audience and they kept safety a priority and the show went on seamlessly. I went in the next morning and they were already cleaned up from the event. Wow!

The place is also for sale. Some smart person who wants to keep this place alive will scoop it up and hopefully they will love the history on Main Street in Payson as much as us Arizonans do.


  1. Nice looking place for an incident

  2. The Ox Bow is our new hangout whenever we are in Payson.

  3. Such a cool looking spot!

    Hopefully someone can buy it, love it, and rake in some dough!!!!

  4. I pray this place does not close! It looks so amazing- like an old saloon straight out of the old west. It truly looks like a place captured in time a hundred and fifty years ago. I would love to get down to some good old country and western music in a place like this! The piano is remarkable, too. It looks as old as the place itself. Imagine all th hands that have tickled those ivories!