New Season Destination Truth?

Yeah, we're all sitting and waiting for the new season to start up soon on Syfy.

I personally love it for lots of reasons--I love virtually going on adventures into the unknown in insane places no man ever goes in search of creatures of folklore and joking around to relieve the stress with a tall cute man--so I am completely devoted to it. Plus, Josh looks fine in Khakis.

I also really love the series I do during the season with my tween-aged musings about a crush on Josh in my journal and a really bad but appropriate photoshopped pic of him.

Part of the charm is my photoshopped challenged ways, especially when I try to insert myself into a photo with him as Tarzan and Jane...

Yes, I'm stoked for the new season and I did hear they are going back to the Romanian Forest where one of the team members was tossed in the giant tree-less circle. I will keep you up to date the minute Syfy announces the date and hopefully jump onto a phone interview and find out what the big beautiful funny man is up to this season. 

I might just survive the Finding Bigfoot drought with a little Gates diversion. 


  1. awesome photoshop skillz. lol.

  2. Season 5 has been pushed back to this summer and Gates will only say that a date has been picked. Enjoy the DT marathon tomorrow. It's not looking good for DT's future.

  3. I will accept no negativity. If they got rid of DT, one of the main 3 reality shows I adore would be gone and I don't think anyone could replace it. They have set themselves up so that the only thing left for him to do is go to outer space. They are running out of over the top places. I would like to see him do things, like join the hollow earth people who are plotting a voyage to the arctic circle to find the entrance. I would like to see him doing some Indie Jones stuff nowadays. That would be wicked!


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