Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movie: Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer (or Urban Explorers as it's titled in the actual film) is a German-made movie directed by Andy Fetscher and released in 2011 (it's just come out on DVD and Bluray in the U.K. this week). As the trailer makes plain, the film is not exactly focused on finding neat stormdrains to photograph. The plot starts out predictably enough: Four tourists in Berlin have hired the services of a guide who will take them down to explore the city's abandoned tunnels. They enter (naturally!) through the back room of a thumping nightclub and descend down into the dank, rusting and altogether creepy underground. Down they go, in t-shirts, shorts and even shorter shorts, in search of adventure and, it turns out, a sealed-off Nazi-era bunker. At one point they unexpectedly run into and scuffle with a couple of neo-Nazis, who never come back into the film. When an ill-timed camera flash causes the guide to fall down a pit, the tourists are forced to split up: two to stay with the severely injured guide and two to go get help – after they find their way back out. From this point on, the film devolves into boilerplate torture/suspense along the lines of the Saw films. It's as gruesome as it is predictable.

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