Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monster Man: Interactive Apps

"Forbidden Werewolf" Tonight on Syfy's "Monster Man." (10 pm EST/9 C) The show has some cool new web-based applications allowing users to create their own monsters. Check it out. Cleve’s Greatest Hits: A top 10-style feature highlighting Cleve’s work in the movie effects field, which includes his work in Metalstorm, Re-Animator, Ghoulies and more! Concept to Creation - Feature Gallery: A gallery showcasing Cleve’s creations from sketch to construction to finished product. See what it takes when Hall is asked to create a two-headed shark.


  1. I really want to like this show...
    And, I am going to give it another try...
    I just didn't like the DYNAMIC of it.
    You know?

    Seemed... IDK.... a tad more about the drama than the prep. If I want Monster Making Drama, I'll watch Face Off!

    I am still giving it another shot... I love him so.

  2. I watched this show last week and it was fun to see all the mayhem that goes on trying to make the creatures and getting them done on time.

  3. Way too scripted for me. Seemed more about fake drama than monsters. I will try to watch it once more but I do not think this will be on my DVR list.