Thursday, March 1, 2012

Matt Moneymaker Poll

Poll: Which character does he most remind you of?

 Dreyfus from "Pink Panther Strikes Again

Wile E. Coyote from Roadrunner cartoons.

Elmer Fudd from Bugs Bunny cartoons

Ralph From "Honeymooners"

Foghorn Leghorn


  1. He reminds of that girl who got the stars tattooed on her face and lied about it. When I notice all of those "For Dummies" and "Total Idiot's" book --- I imagine them written for Matt Moneymaker.

  2. When it comes to dealing with Ranae, he is Ralph from the Honeymooners....tee hee!

  3. I say the coyote lol. He never gives up on chasing the elusive creature.

  4. He reminds me of Wile E. I think it's because of things like baby dolls that cry and fake deer.