Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To Ghost Hunt From Home!

You might not get a chance to go on a real ghost in a super haunted location, to set up IR cameras, but you can now review the video.

The TGAPHtv channel on YouTube gives you the hours of raw footage in haunted location to review. Be a sofa ghost hunter! TGAPHtv is a crew that goes to some amazing places. You have the chance to review their video and see if you can find anything. Let them know what video and what the time stamp was. It's their goal to share with you the important task of reviewing evidence.

Hotel LaMore in Bisbee, Arizona I had something extraordinary happen to me at this hotel when I did an investigation there and I did not have a camera on the stairs like this team did. I am thrilled to be able to review their film and see what it was like during the night.

They have many locations to add to the channel and give you some real viewing challenges. I just love this idea! I know someone who is house-bound and can't go out and hunt but would dearly love to, especially in these unusual and very haunted locations.

The channel says, "Ever wanted to investigate some of the most historic and haunted locations in the United States??..but KNOW you will not make it there anytime soon??..well..I can help you with that...I am announcing the new series from TGAPHtv.."Did You See That ©"..go to the youtube channel and you can watch video from the investigations that we did at those locations..4 cams from each location running full time!!...there are now 50+ and will be well over 200 files to watch and tag your "finds"...Locations are added daily..check often!!..ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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