Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gothic Scents

I don't wear black--I'm a redhead! 
I don't wear chunky metal jewelry-I'm highly allergic to nickel! 
No odd piercings-I'm clumsy and likely to get caught on things!
I don't dye my hair weird colors-I'm proud to be red!

But, I do like to show off my goth side. I get scents at the Goth Rosary

Fairy Wings: Delicate, Clean & Sweet... The smell of warm sunlight, fresh cucumber and ripe blackberry.

Crypt Fragrance: Surrounded, Haunting... The smell of moss clinging to a marble Mausoleum.

Funeral Flowers: Beautiful flowers & sweet memories... The smell of a profusion of blossoms and calming vanilla, Lay gracing the grave of the dearly departed.

Graveyard:  Green & Floral... The smell of rich loamy soil, fresh green grass with a note of flora.

Nocturnal: Black clothing & dark streets... The smell of clove mixed with patchouli & nag champa

Samhain: Spicy and sweet... The smell of Halloween candy, changing leaves & Autumn spices.

Tea & Sympathy: Quiet, warm & sweet... The smell of a nice pot of tea, sweet treats and roses.

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