Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gone UFO Huntin'

Julie and I (and another member of our POE research team, the "Vin-Meister" as I call him) are hitting the desert for some UFO viewing, well we hope. With the TGAPH/Desert Paranormal meetup group, we are going to sit in some comfy folding chairs, study the skies and see what we can find.

I've had a UFO hunt on my bucket list, but never got the time to organize one since I'm too busy organizing ghost hunts and Bigfoot hunts, but I do hope to be happy to do this again and again since one of the most wonderful activities, I believe, is to sit under the stars at night and just contemplate the bigger questions, like "how big is the universe," "is anyone out there looking back at me?" and perhaps the age old one, "are there any Klingons cloaking overhead and I don't know it?"

Expect me to report back on this expedition and give suggestions for you to have your own UFO viewing party on a clear night.


  1. Well, you really can't lose just watching a beautiful, starry night sky, but it sure would be fun if you came back with some UFO tales as well! :)

  2. There is a lot of wierd stuff going on up there. Good luck!