Friday, March 30, 2012

First Documented Haunting in America

The first documented haunting in America--covered by media and studied by experts, was the Hermann Poltergeist case in 1958 in Long Island. In fact, it was interesting enough to inspire the movie "Poltergeist."
Huffington Post: In February 1958 when small pieces of furniture and her brother's globe began flying around the house. "All of a sudden, you'd hear this loud noise, like a popping bottle sound, and you'd look around and find a bottle that was 12 feet away from where it was supposed to be and all the contents were missing and the bottle was hot to the touch," Hermann said. At first, Hermann said her parents tried to keep things "as normal as possible when you have flying objects in your house," but eventually her father decided to call the police. The case received nationwide attention and made the cover of Life magazine, and is credited with popularizing the term "poltergeist," but there was never any explanation for the events that happened and, eventually, the Hermann family moved away.