Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting: Payson, AZ

A magical night was had by all...especially the fairy who was in attendance (more on that later). 

Julie and I attended the Town Hall Meeting in Payson, Arizona as part of the Season 3 being filmed for my favorite show, "Finding Bigfoot."

As y'all know by now, nothing ever just goes normally when Julie and I hit the road for an adventure.

Here's the first thing I ran into -- Donald (Trump) Duck. It set the tone for the trip -

We headed to Payson up north for the filming of the Town Hall Meeting for F'ing Bigfoot in an old historic building, the Oxbow Inn, that I hope to do a future ghost hunt at.

The event was hilarious as the bar began to fill with 300 people - the largest amount for a town hall supposedly. People were turned at the door.

And, in a typically Arizona-is-really-without-rules manner, a man was just sitting and texting at the bar counter with his baby's bottle nearby. Only in this interesting state can you see that kind of juxtaposition.

The room filled up with a nice and interesting mix of folks. Things rang pretty smoothly considering the size of the crowd. Julie and I sat at a table with some BF hunters that we highly respect. We were quite honored to be sitting with them. They weren't bad on the eyes, either. Hey, this gal likes a view.

The witness stories took a great deal of the time. There were a lot of witnesses, men, children, women, you name it. Even a fairy (more on that later)

Some of the stories were very compelling and detailed, others seem contrived, and one man tried to explain he and his woman decided to go target shooting at 10:30 pm, set up some targets on a pitch black night. Only in Arizona....

The witnesses that I have interviewed on my blog all got to tell their encounters and the room hushed down for some good witness accounts of BF glimpses and interactions.

The cast was there, except for Cliff who was doing one of those "camping alone" segments. I was bummed. I so wanted to give my crush a kiss on the cheek.

Bobo recounted how a baby had head butted him and he lost a tooth and had to wear a retainer and lost that during the filming of The Soup with Cliff (will be on next week). They lovingly joke between themselves just as they do on the show. In fact, they all three had huge hearts and really loved the kids and spent extra time with the fans past midnight. Ranae especially has a huge heart for the little ones and loves to talk intelligent conversation with men about BF'ing which is something I also adore. I really like that woman-she is sweet and smart--what a combo!

So, now, for the highlight of the evening--one of the people that stood up to speak was a middle-aged woman with long tumbling hair and fingerless black gloves, a fur-lined sweater, in a soft delicate voice expressing that she was a fairy and often went down into the reeds and saw the eyes of the hobgoblin. Unfortunately, I was seated right beside her and she kept speaking to me and I kept thinking in my head "it's true, I'm a weird magnet!" She insisted that Bigfoot was a hobgoblin and could not be filmed. Bobo, without batting an eye replies, "well, we have Patterson-Gimlin film" and the fairy proceeded to explain that, "no, Bigfoot cannot be filmed." So, Bobo shrugs and says, "Well, I guess we filmed a hobgoblin, then."

After much audience laughter, the next witness came forward, a gentleman. Matt asked, "are you a fairy?" and the man said, "do you want me to be?" And Ranae laughed and came gave the man a hug for his good humor. Matt set himself up for that one.

When all was said and done, many witnesses told stories, they filmed the map points for their voyage and stayed behind to mingle with the guests and take pics and, well, you know we had to pose for some. We have a pic of us with Bobo that someone has on their camera, when I get that one back, I'll share it too.

On a crazy note--I must admit that I find myself strangely attracted to Matt. Not sure what's up with that, but he has a naughty smile and a twinkle in his eyes that makes him seem like he'd be playful to hang out with. I suppose that is partly why I enjoy playing with his character in my LAUGH series. He's the papa curmudgeon of the group and he plays the part well, but I suspect there is a very astute gentleman behind the bravado. I hope to plum those depths for future episodes. And, yes, Ranae and Matt do have a certain Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote relationship. Beep! Beep!


  1. man. you guys look like you had a ton of fun. I wonder if cliff found anything since he wasn't at the town hall meeting

  2. Had a great time with you and all the BF people who we hung out with.

  3. Autumn, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad you guys had a good time. One thing about it you got Matt to smile. Isn't a picture of him smiling rare?
    I will enjoy watching this program.

    1. Thanks, Blondie. I have a picture of him with a man and he wouldn't touch him and he made a face like the guy was stinky. Haha. Us gals cozied up and he was all smiles. I actually like this guy, if he doesn't open his mouth and sound pompous and full of weird ideas he wants to take credit for.

  4. Why all the orbs in the picture with you, Julie, and Matt??

    1. We were outside in the dirt lot where the fire was burning nearby in a fire pit.