Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Tonight on Animal Planet

Tonight, the F'ing Bigfoot team goes to Indiana. I will be live blogging (MST3000 style) on Bigfoot Evidence blog at 1 am EST and taking a sip of beer for every "squatch" they say. Expect a great followup on Cliff's North American Bigfoot blog too. He always gives insights from the show that were either cut out or behind the scenes.

Tonight's snack?

Autumnforest Grilled Cheese:
Two slices of bread buttered and then sprinkled with parmesan cheese atop the butter. Inside, place slices of Irish cheddar or sharp cheddar with extremely paper thin slices of Macintosh apple. Cook with the buttered/parmesan sides out--makes a crunchy crust. Tonight?

Serving it with Sierra Nevada Kellerweis It is one of the only American Hefeweizens made using the traditional Bavarian style of open fermentation. This difficult and labor-intensive technique adds uncommon depth and flavor complexity. Our hazy-golden hefeweizen is deeply flavorful, refreshing and perfect for a sunny day. To serve, pour two-thirds into a glass, swirl and pour the rest. (I love Hefeweizens and this is my fav)


  1. Yum, the grilled cheese sandwich sounds so good right now.

  2. Good evening everyone! The footage from tonight's episode looks pretty weak... I found myself laughing actually at the husband's deadpan delivery as they filmed the "Squatch" running mindlessly from tree to tree from their moving vehicle. Although the crying kid and hysterical wife were nice touches, the Bigfoot and the clumsy dialogue accompanying it looked about as real as the Georgia Squatch in a freezer. Can't the BFRO find anything more convincing to feature than this??

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