Monday, March 12, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

So, the episode took them to Northern Utah because of a really horrible video that showed some kids tossing a bottle with gas into a bonfire and then a dude behind the fire getting up and walking away in a white tee shirt.

If you asked Matt, it was a BF totally. Given Matt's judgment, I'm really glad he's not my tax dude, my insurance adjustor, or my Merrill Lynch adviser.

It was a glorious location, but not any really compelling witness stories and I thought for a season ender, it wasn't too, well, climactic.

I have to admit that I really like the witness reports a lot and I wish they spent more time on that and less time on the hokey film that brought them there. In fact, I'd rather not have the video portion at all (too much like "Fact or Faked"); just have them to go a location that has reported activity and town hall and take the witnesses on location and then camp out--the whole team. Not just one member.

Two things scare us the most about these explorations: It's the witnesses recounting of moments, taking them to the scene to talk about it, and the team alone in the woods all night in a kind of "Blair Witch" scenario where they hear stuff, have to sleep in tents, sit around a fire, and explore in the woods--the same forests that tend to scare most folks at night.  

Just remember: Camp out together in the dark - talk to witnesses. 

This is my favorite show. I've waited a decade for a BF hunter show to be on and especially one with great characters. I am so sad it's the end of a season and sooooo excited for the next one!


  1. kind of a bummer it wasn't that climactic...

  2. I totally clicked on here for the boob shot! Hahaa just kidding.
    the episode was kind of disappointing because we all watched the "evidence film" which was ridiculously stupid. I like the interviews too.

  3. Nobody mentioned the Bigfoot call??? C'Mon Autumn, that was the highlight of the whole show. The first time we heard a really clear legitimate Squatch response call. Plus, the matted down grass Matt found was exciting. Looking at the location it was in- perched on a high rock overlooking the canyon, I could totally see it as a perfect spot for a Squatch to bed down. And the elk carcass was interesting also. If Matt was right and its limbs were twisted and torn apart- that has to indicate that its a Squatch kill, right? I loved this episode. I thought they had some very compelling evidence, witnesses, and the terrain was so majestic and gorgeous. One of the beast episodes of the year in my opinion.

    1. I actually did mention the call on the live blogging. I was impressed with the sound of it, but then the problem with any evidence they're getting in the forest is that they cannot exclude animals and humans. Very difficult thing.