Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exploring the Paranormal

Paranormal subjects cover a huge range on interests from folklore to ghosts, ESP to UFOs and more. So, where does one begin to decide just what to explore in the field of paranormal? Some basic background will help you.

If you are of an indigenous people, Celtic or Nordic, and an adventurer at heart, you might be more attracted than others to local folklore and creatures from skinwalkers to Thunderbirds, trolls to elves. Going back to the origins of your nationality can be one of the most passionate avenues of research you will have. If you watch "Destination Truth" on Syfy channel, you have likely run into lots of these legends. They have searched for dinosaurs in Africa, little hairy wild men in South America, elves in Iceland and Leprechauns in Ireland. This is likely the show for you to check out and get inspired by some of these mythical and mystical creatures. The show "Monsterquest" was an exceptionally good show that chased after legendary cryptids, as well. For writers on these cryptid subjects, consider Loren Coleman's books and Nick Redfern. In fact, Loren writes for Cryptomundo site and Nick has his own blog.

If you have always had a love of astronomy, astrology, Star Trek, Star Wars, searching the night sky and contemplating the universe, you might consider the study of UFOs and also the realm of physics. These are the huge questions of the universe. Those who love philosophy are likely to be attracted to this. I'd suggest two shows to get you started, "UFO Hunters" and "Through the Wormhole." You might read some Whitley Strieber or Stanton Friedman books.

If you have a lot of history, beautiful historic sites, and have a romantic streak, as well as love horror movies, ghosts might be your passion. I would suggest you try "Ghost Hunters" show that does a fair representation of what ghost hunting is like, as well as the show "A Haunting" which retells real life ghost stories. You might want to read books by David Rountree or my own book, "Was That a Ghost?"


  1. I would love to learn the paranormal myths of Italy since this is where my Mom's family is from.

  2. You'll like these, sis -

  3. .....Mmmmm Italian Myths.. Totally going to look at that too.