Monday, March 26, 2012

Deep Sea Monsters: John Cameron's Voyage

It's hard to believe, but the deepest dive in the ocean, into the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench off of Guam was done in 1960! The Bathyscaphe Trieste ship was manned by two; Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh. They descended 7 miles down to the deepest known part of the ocean. Now, that was in 1960s and no one has done it since. Well, until 52 years later! The US Navy Museum now houses that record-breaking vehicle. James Cameron, director of such amazing movies as "Titanic," "Terminator," "Rambo," "True Lies," "Aliens" and "Avatar" is going to do something no man has done since 1960, take a 7-mile lunge to the bottom of the ocean by himself in a craft.

The deep sea craft is called Deepsea Challenger and was by Cameron. It took 8 years to make it and it carries special lights, cameras including 3D IMAX camera so that he can chronicle the explorations.

I admit, I have not been this excited since Jacques Cousteau's show which revealed a lot of the ocean we didn't normally get to see, but never touched the deep sea depths this craft is taking and with cameras that can capture creatures that will give us shivers and thrills.

Cameron has prepared himself with yoga and practices to help the efficiency of his lungs. His tall body will be crammed into a very small area. It is a brave and exciting adventure and one that has me preparing to await the release of what promises to be one of my favorite documentaries of all time. Honestly, there is nothing more amazing than that which shares our oceans and is so mysterious and so creepy, we have no clue it's slithering around below....