Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creating Yeti

I am always a HUGE supporter of all things creative and awesome. I adore Yeti and writers and artists who want to get backing for projects to make our world Indie awesome! Here's your chance to help this project.

Contribute a few bucks and make this book happen!

"Yeti Leaves Home” is a self-published, hand-illustrated storybook. It is a book for kids, adult versions of kids, and parents to read to their kids. At some point in our lives, the place and people we grew up with are not ours to call home anymore. “Yeti Leaves Home” tells the tale of one young Yeti's travels, as he sets out to make a new home for himself. The book also relates to those moments in children’s lives when the act of growing up requires their independence and confidence. Join Yeti through his many trials and triumphs and share the joy of all the friends he meets along the way. Will Yeti find a place to call his own? 

 I'm excited about this and the ingenuity of the younger population of artisans!

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