Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bobo Fay is Adorable

James (Bobo) Fay is a doll and a half. He's one smart man and he also knows how to make fast witty comebacks and you know that is gold to me! He's a nice guy, just like he seems on the show. In fact, the entire cast was very much what you see every happy Sunday night on Animal Planet on "Finding Bigfoot" or as I like to call it  - "F'ing Bigfoot"

This season may be over for the show, but next season is going to totally rock including my state where Julie and I attended the town hall meeting and a few foreign countries with BF sightings. There will be no live blogging on Bigfoot Evidence until the new season and no reviews from me, but in the mean time, please see all last season's episodes and get caught up. They will replay them plenty.


  1. =)

    I have to catch up on my F'ing BigFoot.

    OH BTW: do you have a blog button for any of your sites?
    I wanted to add it on to my page

  2. I enjoyed meeting Bobo, Ranae, and Matt and being at the town hall meeting. It was a fun experience. They even had patience when the fairy lady told her weird story about the hobgoblin. Damn, Bobo is tall!