Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bigfoot: Beware of Guard Cat?

There's a good deal of speculation about just where it is that Bigfoot hides himself; how he gets around with so little detection. Some say that he's a skinwalker, interdimensional being or even UFO occupant, and others believe he follows bears because their diet is identical. 

I've got my own theory about it. If you spend a little time imaging yourself living in the wild and growing up and being raised by others who teach you the ways, it would make most sense that a humanoid in the woods would choose to follow the wild cats. If a relationship of symbiosis could be attained with wild cats, BF would be in a sweet spot protectively.

Man lives with guard dogs. BF lives with wild cats

"Mountain Lions are also known to scavenge; therefore, signs of a Mountain Lion on a carcass do not automatically mean a Mountain Lion attack caused the animal's death.  A more detailed examination (e.g., broken neck, punctured skull, etc.) is needed to determine the cause of the prey animal ’s death." hmmm....

Did you ever feed a wild house cat outside your door? Perhaps BF leaves his carcasses as offerings and friendship.

It might be a good idea to compare a map of wild cat populations and Bigfoot sightings. Wild cats also utilize cave systems and like to be near running water, which coincidentally masks sounds. If you were in the wilderness and trying to avoid man and bears, what better protective place than where the wild cats reside? 

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