Are You a Zombie Husband?

We've discussed zombie housewives and their characteristics, but zombie husbands exist, as well. How do you know if you are one?

1.  You fall asleep while watching TV.
2.  You zone out when your wife is talking to you and don't hear what she's saying.
3.  You sleep in past the alarm clock and drink at least 2 cups of coffee to get moving.
4.  Your idea of a day off is napping and watching TV.
5.  If it's your night to make supper for the zombie kids, you call in a delivery order.
6.  When your boss sends you an email you want to ignore, you tell him that it must have ended up in your spam mail box by accident.
7.  When you drive home, you arrive and realize you don't recall the drive.
8.  When online, you go to look something up and end up eventually at a completely unrelated site and forget what you were supposed to be looking for.
9.  Sometimes, you stare at a TV program that you don't even want to see just because you don't want to reach for the remote control.
10. When you're hungry, that growling isn't your stomach.

Let's check your scores
8-10 yes's: The transformation is complete. You are a zombie husband through and through.
5-7 yes's: You are right on the edge, like a bitten human about to take the zombie path.
3-4 yes's: Though you share much with zombie husbands, it will be a long process to changeover.
0-2 yes's: You are fully human!


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