Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arachnophobia: No Bother Mate!

Us Americans love Australians! Why? They remind us of ourselves, sort of the rebellious sons of rather uptight cultures that we escaped or were banished from. We are the rebels, the ones who settle lands that are magical and full of resources and strange critters and Native cultures. We are sassy, we say it like it is, and have some phenomena that others would run from like babies.

Here's an example--

Severe flooding forced the spider population to move into neighborhoods and, well, take over! These spiders don't even phase this badass Aussie dog!

What a proud and adaptable people and critters--gotta love the Aussies!  

We're cousins from a different hemisphere.


  1. This picture freaked me out more.

  2. The Aussie are better people than me. I would have hired that crazy exterminator from the movie to wipe my yard clean of the creepy little eight-legged freaks!