Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Tonight

The season is picking up again for "The Walking Dead on AMC!

The mid season ender was the most beautifully filmed and directed episode I have ever seen in any show's season ender. It was both heartbreaking and beautiful. How the director managed to film such a sensitive scene and make it seem almost poetic is true genius. If you have not seen the show, consider buying the first season. I will guarantee it will be the best thing you have ever seen. If you liked Dawn of the Dead remake and the show Jericho--it's a little of both but the acting, makeup, plotting and directing are over the top award-winning worthy.

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  1. Man... I hae to tell you... I was NOT prepared for the mid-season finale... the little girl coming out of the barn... and then the way Rick stepped forward. It was interesting that he didn't fire a single shot during the barn scene... only when she came out.

    And then LAST week!!! Wow...

    I can't WAIT for tonight's episode!!!