Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Wacky Redhead's Agenda

(Taken this morning on my day off, heading out to Starbucks in flannel)

Lots of things under-wraps until I shock and surprise you, probably the end of next week. No doubt, y'all will be saying "that minx!"

In the mean time, Julie and I are going on a very cool UFO hunt in the desert with TGAPH/Desert Paranormal on Saturday.

A brilliant astronomy friend told me about a cool site. Just go online and look for latitude and longitude of your city and then punch it in. You can find out each night where the satellites, space station, and iridium flares are occurring. This helps so when you're out there staring at the sky and see something, you can eliminate the explainables.

Next week, Julie and I will be going on a top secret mission that will result in some awesome photos, videos and crazy stories. We are a regular Lucy and Ethel, plotting and planning.

I have some wicked cool events coming up that I will share with y'all and the release of our book in April as well as hopefully the contract for the "Growing Up With Ghosts" book I just completed. I am beginning the work on Paranormal Geeks book soon, so if y'all are paranormal geeks of any degree, please email me. I need more people to interview anonymously! I can be found at

On Sunday night, I will be live blogging on Bigfoot Evidence about the F'ing Bigfoot episode and then reviewing the show on Monday morning, followed in the afternoon by a new LAUGH episode about the show going after the insane Wylie Coyote methods they use to flush BF from the forest.

I expect to be covering more in the UFO and Bigfoot worlds this spring/summer, as well as some interesting ghost hunts and hopefully managing to do some vlog hosting about these adventures and talking face-to-face to y'all. Expect me to share what a real BF hunt is like and do a series of under 5-minute documentaries about these crazy excursions.

So, that's what's up with the wacky redhead--well, some of it. A girl needs a few secrets.


  1. It is always nice to find out what the wacky redhead is doing because then I know what I am doing........tee hee!

  2. you have a secret... you redheads always have secrets... especially when they are sizzling hot. yes that would be you.

    sizzle, sizzle!