Sunday, February 19, 2012

Upcoming Scandinavian Horror

Y'all know what a nut I am for Scandinavian horror -


 "Dead Snow"


"Let the Right One In"


"Troll Hunter"


 Here's some upcoming ones including this wild one called "Thale." If you loved the way they handled their legends of trolls, this is yet another Scandinavian take on a myth.

Zon 261

Swedish horror movie Zon 261's director / writer Frederik Hiller is better known for his acting (Beowulf, Vallander). But actors get behind the camera all the time. Anyway - it's zombie time! A southern Swedish is cut off from civilisation after an zombie outbreak, and the trapped and isolated swedes must band together to survive the zombie onslaught. Gore, guns, zombies and (probably) snow! Excellent.


  1. I love this f*cking blog. There's so much different, weird sh*t to read. I really get off on it. It's no g*dd*amn wonder that you're a published author, and a super hot, sexy b*tch, if you'll excuse the expression.

    I could probably say "tamale" instead of b*tch next time, if it bothers you. And I apologize if I did. I'm also sorry if your readers get bummed out by what I write, but I like to express myself.

    Congratulations on all you success, Sharon. You've got a reader for life.

  2. In some legends, the Huldra has a fox tail. I wonder why they chose to go with the cow tail over a fox tail? Whatever the reason "Thale" looks good.

  3. Thale looks very promising. I would love to see that one. I wonder if this will have an American release?

  4. Wow, looks good! I enjoyed Troll Hunters a lot!