Upcoming Expeditions

I'll be all Josh Gates for y'all- I am of a mind at this time in my life that, why just think it? Why not do it? 

Julie and I have some insane excursions planned coming up (expect lots of pictures, video and sharing):

We're joining a group on top of South Mountain for a UFO watching event.

I am heading to an abandoned place with my son to do a preliminary bunch of test shots for an upcoming book "Seance In An Abandoned House."

Julie and I are heading somewhere in AZ (top secret) for an episode of "Finding Bigfoot" that is filming there.

We plan to do some insane urban exploring there including looking for an abandoned seismic station the military used.

We also plan to do the photo shoot for our 1960s version of our zombie housewives book in April.

In May or June, we hope to do a Bigfoot hunt with a very good AZ team.

We plan a girl road trip to Galveston this summer for some cool drinks and warm water. That road trip will be live blogged, tweeted and FB'd with possibly some roadside dares through Twitter, lots of videos and pics.

I have a lot of ghost hunts and some other interesting potential things up my sleeve.

Right now, I'm on the edit of "Growing Up With Ghosts" and plan to share the first chapter with y'all to give you some real spine tingles. The book is a compilation of the stories of my family members and myself from our time growing up at Aspen Grove. It will certainly give you the feel of what it's like for a family with 5 kid to grow up in a haunted Civil War Hospital and come to terms with the activity as if it is second nature to people who know nothing different.

I am still working on Paranormal Geeks and REALLY want more participants to answer the questionnaire for me. The more the better! I plan this book to be filled with my humorous take on the subject matter with quizzes and degrees of geek-dom and categories of geek-dom. Please email if you're interested. ghosthuntingtheories@gmail.com


  1. busy busy bees. I'm jealous! I am stuck here, making spaghetti and wanting to be outside :(

  2. Sis--I am excited that you are willing to go along on these insane trips. You are the anchor to my flyaway balloon and my Ethel to my Lucy. Thank you.


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