Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Syfy: Face Off and Ghost Hunters

Tonight on Syfy - "Face Off" and "Ghost Hunters" In Face Off, our contestants are tasked with creating horror icons and in this week’s clip, we’re given a sneak peek into the making of their creepy creations. In one case, Jerry is unsatisfied with the color of his silicone face mask and decides to remake it but time is running out. He has no choice but to wait until the final minute to see just how it turned out. Tune in to an all new episode of Face-Off to see if Jerry can pull it off! In our Ghost Hunters sneak peek, Jason and Grant investigate a Tennessee bed and breakfast, where there are reports of shadow figures and images of a little girl. They proceed upstairs to the second floor and call out to the mystery guests, hoping to get some sort of reaction. They state that they are looking to rent several rooms for the evening when suddenly they hear whistling coming from down the hall to the point where even Jason gets chills. Tune in to an all new episode and watch as a few paranormal guests leave behind more than a generous tip.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't get to see it last night. =( BOO!
    I'll have to watch both of them On Demand tonight.

    I have selective narcolepsy.
    I sleep.
    Even if I fight it!!!!