Studies That Complement Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is not just about going somewhere, sitting down, listening to the noises, talking to unseen visitors, and videotaping the process. To be a good researcher, other skills help complement your capability as an efficient and successful hunter. Consider some of these studies to make you a better asset to your team or to your independent research:  

Meditation The practice of concentrated breathing and clearing the mind. This is a great skill to keep you relaxed, your mind open, and your senses ready to be in the moment and note changes in the environment.
Those who meditate regularly are often times ghost magnets.


Feng Shui This is helpful for clients as it involves the practice of placing light and objects within a home to bring in positive energy, release negative energy, and bring wealth, love, and health


Qi Gong A practice involving breath and movement to move the energy in the body and control its direction. This could be beneficial for not only attracting spirit energy, but also to manipulate it.


Dowsing The use of bent metal rods to location vortexes and energy changes that may indicate spirit

Other helpful skills include:

Psychic skill building
Sound Engineering
Website development
Historic research
Cemetery archiving
Test equipment design

I hope this helped you to realize that the more skills you possess, the better asset you are to your team and to the industry.


  1. Excellent advice, AF. Clearing one's mind before paranormal investigations might be the most important preparation of them all.

    Dressing like Indiana Jones doesn't really help. It is, however, a great deal of fun.

  2. I believe in ghosts and god and everything. And at night I see so much stuff that is completely unexplainable as "known" aircraft. So I can legitimately see how people are concerned about "UFO's" I love watching meteors burn out with smoke trails and stuff.


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