Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Where Is My Man?

I am contemplating where my man is. What is he doing right now? What will he be doing Friday night? Saturday afternoon? Hmm....

More than likely, he is not out doing urban exploration (like photo above).

He may not be sitting silently in a haunted location on a Saturday night awaiting for a disembodied voice speaking.

He might not be plugged into Starbucks in Barnes and Noble writing his groundbreaking novel on his laptop.

I might not find him at a lecture about communicating with the dead.

That might not be him in the campground nearby awaiting an interaction with Bigfoot.

He may not be that guy spending his Sunday evening studying the sky for UFOs.

But, secretly, I hope he is doing one of these things.

The Geek2Geek and other Geek dating site produced nothing more than one bisexual female responding. I was warned about this in the geek and scifi community.

Okay, so perhaps I'm not a geek because I'm not entrenched in Cthulhu mythos, adoring of Harry Potter, or able to speak Klingon.

The mass sites taught me that there are a lot of guys looking to get laid on a Saturday night who maybe never read a book in their lives and whose only hobby is watching football.

But where does a woman go who is searching for intelligence and humor?

Where is my dating site? 

I removed myself from the geek services including other dating sites. I am officially not doing online dating! My online dating experiences have been miserable and this is like trying to find a man by shooting an arrow into a crowd and taking whoever gets pierced. Not good odds.

During this singles stint, I have learned:

Married men lust for redheads.

Men who live great distances from me, easily become smitten from afar.

Men who have fear of falling in love both want me and don't want to want me.

So, for now, I am off the market. Regrouping. Not giving up on men altogether, but the stupid romantic notion that a man will fall in love with me, adore me, be giddy at the sight of me. It seems the middle-aged men are rather broken, had the loves of their lives, and are shattered by the experiences.

I tell you, it's a war zone for a woman who is painfully optimistic and hopeful. Better to just not swim in the pool of self-loathing and regret, that bitter brine that middle-aged men pickle themselves in.

Watch next Monday for yet another installment of Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter. Who knows what a week might bring.

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  1. =)

    A bisexual woman?
    Wow.. Have I been there....
    When I wasn't even LOOKING...

    Maybe it was the same chick... Wouldn't that be oober creepy?

  2. It's hard to read your singles posts without your heart breaking! But I wouldn't give up on my dream if I were you.

  3. Well, that's life. I am never determined by one event, so I can have a crappy time finding love, but I can excel in other arenas. It's give and take. I figured sharing this shows what the trek is like. I don't give up on the idea of finally knowing what it's like to be loved and appreciated. I simply don't know how or when it will present itself, though I can almost guarantee it will not be from a dating service.

    1. I know your not giving up in reality...

      I fall in love all the time with personalities - they are not available, but it shows me that compatibility is possible.

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  5. Sorry about removing the above comment - I made a typo when cutting and pasting the links. What I said was:

    (Commiserating!) I have a series on my blog about Millennial Romance, including romance and the Millennial male and the Millennial female. Floating through cyberspace to find a mate is its own kind of ghost-hunting.

  6. You don't need to fight, to prove you're right. I'm glad to hear that you've bailed from the abysmal prospects of online dating sites, Sharon, it's only teenage wasteland. Live & in person is where it's at. May you find the one … Peace <3

  7. Things happen when you least expect them. Being "off" the market is a good thing. So is being happy with being with yourself.

  8. I must be one of those men who live great distances from you, because I'm certainly smitten! Keep in touch!


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