Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quiz: What Would I Do In a Zombie Apocalypse?

It's quiz time again, my cuties. You know the routine. Count your a's, b's, and c's and see which one you got the most of, scroll down and find out how you might need to handle a zombie apocalypse.

1.  When it comes to being alone....
a.  I can't do everything alone, I will seek help.
b.  I am totally self reliant, safer making my own decisions.
c.  I like being a team member and going through things together.

2.  I live...
a.  Far from my family, kind of lonely.
b.  With my family.
c.  Near my friends, but no family nearby.

3.  When things are tough, I usually....
a.  Call a family member.
b.  Deal with it myself.
c.  Talk to friends.

4.  My idea of time off is...
a.  Visiting family in another state.
b.  Staying home, relaxing.
c.  Hanging out with friends, going to bars, sports, fun.

5.  When something is going down that is major, I tend to....
a.  Get advice first.
b.  Act first.
c.  Bring other in for assistance.

Okay, count your a's, b's and c's, scroll down and see how you should handle the zombie apocalypse....

a.  Get in your car and take off for family in another state.
b.  Hunker down, board up the place and be ready to fight.
c.  Gather up friends and take over a mall.


  1. I would turn the tables and put zombies on the menu!

  2. Haha, for the most part, I would run and seek out family in another state.

  3. Nat--How would you prepare them?

    Sis--Looks like I am hitting the mall with you during the apocalypse. At least my colors are in style this spring. I will enjoy the new wardrobe. A girl needs something to look forward to during the apocalypse.

  4. Your tests really make me look like a wimp. Of course that's what people have been telling me my entire life, that I'm a big wimp. But really, hunkering down could be the smartest thing to do.

  5. SHA; Wimp? or perhaps smartest person still living? Whoever survives, is brilliant.

  6. So ironic you should post this.. the company I work for does software for insurance agencies. They always keep everyone in the know about insurance industry stuff. Our marketing rep posted this on our LinkedIn company page and I was like BEST INSURANCE POST EVER! ha ha

  7. Hunker down, board up the place and be ready to fight


    I have my Zombie Apocalypse Shit READY!

  8. It's equal between B and C. But taking over a mall could have its advantages. You could pretend to be a mannequin, and then shoot 'em in the ass when they ain't lookin' .