Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paranormal Radio

There are a lot of paranormal radio shows. They are quite the rage. The most famous AM version is Coast to Coast with host George Noory. Anyone in the industry and any subject relating to the paranormal is handled on this very popular show. Some day, it's my goal to be a guest.

If you move to the Internet, paranormal radio takes off. I was on ParaEncounter's radio program Paranormal Head Rush and hope to be on there again soon. It was a fun program with a perky and intelligent hostess, Debbie. They have a wide variety of paranormal shows on there docket.

Darkness Radio is another very big and popular online radio program. They travel to haunted locations and encourage their listeners to come along.

Here are some more to look into:
Planet Paranormal
Para X Radio
The Paracast

I suggest everyone consider spending an evening, plugging into one of these programs and seeing how nice it is listen to a variety of experts on subjects and stimulating back and forth about the topics. It really is the new age of radio.

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