Nordic Music Videos Rock!

I make no bones about the fact that I ADORE Scandinavian horror, but I find myself equally impressed by their music videos. The music often sounds like the 80s revisited, but the visuals are outstanding.

Here are some amazing examples that will totally mesmerize you. This Swedish lead singer group iamamiwhoami has become a bit of a mystery.


Sigur Ros "Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa" (award-winning Icelandic band)

Röyksopp (Norway band "What Else Is There?")

Chisu (Finnish band, "Sabotage")

Best Scandinavian music video went to Torgny "The Only Game"

 Y'all are right - Techno Viking (my biggest crush) is on here now -


  1. YEAH! I completely expected to see Techno-viking in here.


    These are kind of cool.
    Need to really get some new music on my iPOD.
    585 songs... and I only listen to about 20 recently.

    SO SAD!

  2. Sharon, as the Swedish would say (for thank you) Tack! Don't forget Fever Ray, the solo project of one Karin Elisabeth Dreijer-Andersson, after having (hopefully just temporarily) parted from her other project with her brother, Olof Dreijer, The Knife. It is actually Karin who is eating the apple & getting the 2nd Sight conferred to her by the spirit girl (one of the Fae?) in the above Röyksopp video, What Else Is There? in which she is also the overdubbed guest vocalist.

    As we shared elsewhere earlier today, Scandinavian art, as in the cinema, is very basic & minimalistic, albeit imbued with a certain tangible Magic that transcends all cultures & times. I think that you're right about the snow being the epitome of purity, but, too, it is an excellent generator, isn't it? I mean, yo, think of all those literally countless crystalline hexagonal structures.

    Attached right here, a Dubstep band's song. Although they aren't Swedish, it features an instantly recognisable older gentleman from the northern climes & besides, you'll like the ending. Best wishes in all your endeavours, Sharon <3

  3. You'll be happy to see I added my Techno Viking fav.

  4. I love just about everything Scandinavian, these are pretty sweet!

  5. I have to admit that I have watched that first video iamamiwhoami a few dozen times and I'm just so hooked on it. It makes me feel something I can't quite grasp, but I like it.

  6. ……. Woooo - hpooooo! … Finally! Dariana, the authoress/editrix of the blog, Forsaken Order, has just entreated to treat us to her sage interpretation of 'drops', here! Enjoy …

  7. Indeed they do rock, especially Sigur Ros's. If you like those, you should check out some Pagan and Folk metal music videos, like Eluveite or Arkona.


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