Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Mischief!

Julie and I might be getting into some mischief, so be looking for our exploits in the coming days. We have a bunch of crazy things planned the coming months with it culminating in an over the top April!

Just some of the insanity:

Ghost hunting
Bigfoot hunting
UFO hunting
A really weird surprise road trip with a fun outcome
Urban Exploration
A zombie photo shoot
Release of a book
Crazy videos and photos
My weekly Monday Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter posts
New season of Ghost Adventures and drinking game
Crazy awesome giveaways--including one on Valentine's Day

You know what's crazy? This doesn't even include all the unplanned spontaneous things we'll be doing...


  1. U ladies live full life in an area with no low clouds and fog and drizzle, I admire that.

    1. Thanks. Considering how much I hate sunshine and dry weather, I do this in spite of the fact it's always sunny and dry and hot.

    2. Right now I'm getting Drizzed and the sun is looking pretty good! :-)

  2. Love all your parahistorical urban trekking posts!