Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meetup Groups

There is no reason to be lacking friends, fun activities, or things to do on a lonely night. When I became single and was sick of my own company, I wanted to meet people who were into "like" things. Some people hope to meet other singles, others want to share with people who are widowers, others want to be with knitters, ghost hunters, movie and book enthusiasts, pagans, new agers, whatever. There is a meetup for just about everything. 

I joined a writer's group, East Valley Writing Workshop and I adore it and all the members. They are like a second family. I found a group of talented, considerate, and highly intelligent beings to spend my Wednesday nights. I had such success, I tried some singles ones, but realized I was not into the singles scene.  I eventually found a fantastic paranormal group TGAPH Desert Paranormal and will be doing a UFO hunt in March atop of a mountain. Can it get better than that for fun?

Here's just some of the things you can find groups for:

Screenplay writing
car club
motorcycle club
zombie preparation
Feng Shui
gun club

Okay, no more bellyaching. You can go on and find your group and also look for ones within a certain mile radius and also have them notify you if groups form in your areas of interest. Have a blast! (and report back with your findings, of course)


  1. I'm going to join watercolors, steampunk, and cooking/recipes...

  2. These are all great suggestions! I have been tempted to look for a local group for crafters.

  3. I have considered looking for a photography group. I would love to learn to improve on my picture taking and camera tips.

  4. Very true. I used to take my dog to the Pug meetup.

  5. **POUTS**

    I hate my area... the only cool meet up groups in my area are.... completely LAME.

    I have to drive like 2 hours away for anything cool.

    Starting my own.
    Underwater basket weaving/paranormal fun club...
    In my sons cedar club house outback.