Monday, February 27, 2012

Matterhorn and Yeti

After Disney did Pirates of the Caribbean ride into a movie and Haunted Mansion, you kind of knew that the Matterhorn and Yeti was going to be next.  

MATTERHORN tells the story of five young thrill seekers who venture into the Alps and face off with Yetis who guard an ancient secret. Disney is the studio behind this one which was at first thought to be based on one of their theme park rides called The Matterhorn, the scope of the project has since been broadened.

Let's just hope it isn't like this -


  1. Really??
    I really love that damn ride, I've been on it at least 30 times in my lifetime. I've also got stuck on pirates when I was a kid.
    Damn thing broke down after the second waterfall. Then they got it started again ,and then it broke down between the two ships fighting, and the lights went out. Again , I was a kid and it freaked me out.
    Well good for Disney. Hopefully they can make a great movie out of it.

  2. The only Yeti Matt Moneymaker will ever find. lol