I am having an amazing new logo and banner designed for GHT and will be changing the look and layout of the blog. I wanted to take it in a more urbex/Mad Max feel. I wanted it to have the feel of the things I'm doing for the blog including my upcoming ghost hunts, research, book writing, and urban exploration.

Expect a lot of crazy exploits, including an upcoming one very soon. I am going to work my skills at making under 5-minute documentaries so people can actually enjoy them while waiting for a ride or an appointment or sitting at work and vegging out.

I will also be doing some short vids exposing some of the background of how Julie and I go about filming for our 1960s version book of Zombie Housewives in April so you can share the photo shoot, makeup application, and backstage look at the making of one of our campy and creepy books. I'd like to take y'all on more crazy road trips with us with samples of the kinds of zany things we do.

So, buckle up in the back seat and be ready for the open desert road!


  1. Building a better GHT --- can't wait for the dust to clear.

  2. Curious to see what's next for this site.

  3. I like the new banner!

    Renovations are always fun. Plus tool belts are sexy!


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