Grant Wilson: Job Well Done

Most of y'all have heard by now that Grant has bowed out of the show "Ghost Hunters." His reasons are, and should remain, his own.

I have had issues with GH in the past several seasons for not growing, adapting, taking in experts, new techniques, trying things from a new approach and generally being stale. I think Grant leaving now is obviously important to his personal life, but as well it is a good time to leave this stagnant show.

What will become of GH in the future? Will it get picked up again? Will Steve fit into the role of the scruffy adorable Grant with his boyish grin and his happy, "we're here to help" attitude? Steve and Jason are both rather gruff characters. I'd honestly prefer Jason to bring in a strong older female influence just to give the team some balance, but then I'm partial to smart women who are old enough to say it like it is and have the brass to stand up to the powers that be.

Some of my favorite moments with Grant include him being attacked by a drum, carrying on KII conversations in a casual "come and sit down and have a talk with us" manner. In the fort when he saw the apparition face only a few feet away from him, he startled, but his instincts were to pursue immediately. I give him credit for perhaps being the most unflappable team member. Even Jason gets a bit tense upon occasion, but Grant is so easygoing, he just takes it as it comes.

I'd like to thank Grant for being a part of a show that changed people's perceptions of an industry that, before the show, I was afraid to admit I was a part of.

Rock on dude, and hope to hear from you in articles or perhaps cameo appearances.

Job well done and with lots of class!


  1. We had a feeling the big news would be something like that. GH may not have the same excitement it used to, but I give them props for putting ghost hunting out there and daring to find answers to the paranormal questions. I do wish Mr. Wilson well.

  2. Wow, so that's what happened? I saw the intro to the episode and thought: "Man, I can't wait to see what the announcement is!" But then when they didn't say it in the first few minutes I just gave up haha. Pretty huge news though.

  3. Oh snap I have it on demand and haven't gotten to it yet.. That's the news.

    **tears up**

    I love GRANT!

    Well, wish him well... maybe he'll come out with his own spin off!!!

  4. Oh yeah he defiantly deserves his own spin off!

  5. Grant ain't cummin out with a spinoff he was caught in halloween 2008 searching for an evp from another hunt so I doubt well see the fake again

  6. Grant deserves to return in the future.Other than working on G.H.s' or G.H.I....See you soon Grant!!

  7. I deeply regret Grant's going, but the show has become its own ghost. G.H.I. has proved the more entertaining if only due to the constant country hopping. I so wonder if Grant is leaving due to (a) family issues, (b) conflicts with Jason or (c) accusations about the show's validity; along with - Who's running the inn?, and, will he not flush Rotor Rooter away? Maybe now Grant can catch a good night's sleep, ghosts of everything notwithstanding.


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