Ghost Hunters International & Face Off

Tonight on Syfy are new episodes of "Ghost Hunters International" and "Face Off."

The Ghost Hunters International team is off to Italy in this week's episode to find out if an Italian prison's most famous inmate is guilty of paranormal crimes. In the sneak peek, the team is investigating inside of the prison when they being to hear noises and feel like someone or something is watching them. When Susan claims to have seen a black blob fly through the air, Paul has his doubts since it is a dead end. As they are debating however, they both see something. Is it the prisoner or is it just their mind playing tricks on them?

On Face Off, the contestants are tashed with creating a character worthy of a Tim Burton film to be judged in front of Burton film veteran Catherine O'Hara. As the contestants get down to work, Ian notices that Sue had the same idea when it cam to designing their character. Will Ian change his idea or will he take his chances?


  1. Watching GHI right now. It better than last week's episode.


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